The Earth is being stressed to its limits. We all have to help our planet, or actually help ourselves to keep on living. The planet will live for another 5 billion years, with or without us. Actually it will do better without us. However the degradation of the right environmental circumstances for life on our planet is totally unnecessary. Luckily the solution is both healthy, easy and fun.

  • The following facts and appropriate action (which you will have the joy to find out by yourself) will help you to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

  • The Earths resources is sufficient for 15 billion inhabitants if we live as the average Indian. But only 1,5 billion if we live as the average US citizen. We are today 7 billion on Earth

  • The energy from the sun will last for another 5 billion years

  • The sun rays give as much energy in one hour as the humanity consumes in one year

  • Electrical vehicles is the future today. They are 4 times as energy efficient as a modern vehicle engine burning fossil fuel.

  • It is considerably (4 times) more energy efficient to produce electricity of biogas to run an electrical vehicle than to run a vehicle on biogas

  • To produce electricity on a field by PV modules is more than 50 times more surface efficient than to produce biodiesel

  • It takes 3000 liters of water to produce one shirt of cotton and 8000 liters of water to produce one hamburger

  • The sun and all waste can be turned to energy to heat and light your home and propel your vehicle. SUSEN AB will be proud to help you do it.


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