SUSEN is proud to present the latest and best in Street Light technology. SUSEN ABs Street Lights use considerably less energy, is longer lasting and has a very pleasant color temperature. In fact, for the first time in LED Street Light development our Street Lights is preferred to all other kinds of Street Lights for its outstanding features, quality and economy.

SUSEN LED street lamps are robust quality products that provide a comfortable and even light. The fittings are made of die cast aluminum with heat sink on top to dissipate heat from the diodes. For use with poles with 48 or 60 mm in diameter. Life expectancy is more than 30 000 hours (which remains more than 70% of the flux). The power consumption is about one fifth of conventional street lamps.

SUSEN supply a wide range of state of the art street lamps, from 30w to 160w
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SUSEN LED street lamps has an advanced reflector technology which gives a very good light scattering also to the sides. Since the light is indirect (reflected by the reflectors), there will be no glare. The light is also much whiter than conventional street lights. Meaning more like day light color. Pedestrians often
comment that it is a lighter and more comfortable light.

SUSEN LED street lamps is often fitted with a solarcell.
The integrated solarcell, regulator and battery makes the street lamp totally independent of the electrical grid.

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