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SUSEN AB is typically offering 0,5 - 1MW Bio Gas Systems that will supply the local farm and the village with electricity and Bio Gas to propel the vehicles. This is the perfect solution. Yesterdays waste problem has become todays clean energy solution for the future.

Our Bio Gas system will give you:
Heat - Electricity - Fuel - Organic Fertilizer - Decreasing greenhouse gases- Less odour

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Our Bio Gas plants have so many advantages compared to burning fossil fuel.

  • Waste is turned into Bio gas to heat your farm and the production of vehicle gas
  • Turn your energy-bill into a revenue by selling surplus electricity to the grid
  • Enhanced Bio fertilizer is automatically produced in the process
  • Odour decreases
  • The energy sector become more decentralised. Meaning less downtime
  • Less dangerous energy needs to be transported by road
  • Climate emissions is reduced

Bio Fertilizer

The final product after the bio gas process is a high grade bio fertilizer with enhanced properties
  • Nitrogen: higher ammonia concentration provides up to 30% better efficiency
  • Phosphorus: As previously
  • Weed seeds: Significantly decrease
  • Improved hygiene: Virus killed in the process
  • Up to 80% less odor
  • High flow and more homogeneous fertilizer for better propagation characteristics (enabling easier hose spread)

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Some unique properties of SUSEN AB Bio gas system is the:
Low cost of investment
Low maintenance costs
Safety Features

For International sales of Biogas technology
Please Contact:
BioGas Engineer Stellan Dahlberg

Contact information: SUSEN, Södra järnvägsgatan 4P, 352 29 Växjö, SWEDEN, Tel: +46735099007,