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SUSEN AB will be proud to deliver your solar energy system regardless if it is a 200watt off grid system or a multi megawatt grid connected system, or everything in between. Our Solar Modules is manufactured by the leading solar module manufacturer in Sweden, patented and comes with the best guarantees in the business.
Solar modules is today thanks to the latest developments possible to get in almost any shape and color. Our architects will help you fulfill your dream project with solar cells in your limitless design. The house on the lower right is the first Plus House in the region of Kronoberg in Sweden and is situated in Växjö. The picture above the Plus House is a large solar plant at Karlsson Transport in Växjö.

SUSEN AB use advanced 3D rendering, simulation and optimization software for superior calculation and planning. We also offer consulting for companies and municipalities and private house owners to for example to find, dimension and calculate optimum placement for solar energy solutions.

Complete grid connected solarcellpackages:

3 KW SEK 49.600:-

5 KW SEK 78.600:-

10 KW SEK 149.900:-

100 KW SEK 1.386.000:-

The packages contain solar cell modules, inverters, cabling and stands.
Swedish sales tax is not included, freight cost will be added.

For larger systems please contact our sales representatives for each continent respectively

Contact information: SUSEN, Södra järnvägsgatan 4P, 352 29 Växjö, SWEDEN, Tel: +46735099007,